Friday, March 18, 2011

To Treasure

In Etsy, you can create treasuries of things that you love, like or think of as just a bit off the plum as they might say.  It's a fun way to sort through the thousands of beautiful handmade items created all over the world.  They make you feel more, see more and dream more.  You can get lost in the beauty of one artist for hours or laugh out loud when you fall into a shop of whimsy.  It inspires you to strive a bit more for the work that lives just beneath the surface of what you knew or thought you knew.  It can inspires you to continue, or it can coaxes you out of the little slump you might have found yourself in one afternoon when the rain kept falling,  just outside your window.  But to treasure ah, this is the quest, to treasure those who love you and care about who you really are, to treasure the moments that fill each day with laughter and joy, and to treasure the opportunity to continue in your quest to create beauty in this world for yourself and others.  And to treasure the hearts of those, who will one day, on a whim, create a treasury of the most amazing, beautiful creative objects of art personified just for you to find.  Thank you Etsy for treasuries. 

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