Monday, January 30, 2012

Carbarlick Acid Two Step Quilt Custom Order Yours Today - $150.00


Don't you just love this image, I know I do and that's why I just had to have it to make special quilts or wall hanging. This quilt was built as a wall hanging but could be used as a throw quilt. The center piece fabric comes from Sheet Music written in 1917 and is called, Carbarlick Acid Two Step.

It's an image that catches your eye and won't let go....

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

A New Year Has Begun

Heavens, how time flies... the last I was checking in was October and I was just back from festival and getting ready for Christmas and now look, it's almost Feb.  Christmas season rocked and I had a great season of making quilts till early hours of the dawn.  During the season I finished 19 quilts and Christmas for family.  It was a wonderful sensation to know that my hard work was paying off and that Mama Jean's seemed to be on the road to success.  I of course worried what Jan would look like but not until after the holidays. 
Jan started with a bang and I am rocking the house with quilts galore.  I am really enjoying the quilts I am making.  I dreamed of making a couples quilt from Day of the Dead images and Sharon in Australia is giving me the opportunity to do just that and might I say, this quilt is HOT!  Love it and can't wait to send it off just in time for the wedding. 

A swirl skull quilt went out for a late yule gift and they loved it, I have a Dead Marilyn waiting to be quilted, check back for photos, she's a hottie and then another Deadly dating and a Carbolick Acid Quilt to round out the orders.  I have several new and beautiful art pieces I can't wait to create. 

I feel like Mama Jean's is on her way and as I start working with a local organization about really creating my business and taking classes on finances and business I feel like a business owner. Well, maybe not yet but I'm on my way.  For now, I will keep creating and sewing and dreaming of the world I would like to be a part of.