Sunday, January 29, 2012

A New Year Has Begun

Heavens, how time flies... the last I was checking in was October and I was just back from festival and getting ready for Christmas and now look, it's almost Feb.  Christmas season rocked and I had a great season of making quilts till early hours of the dawn.  During the season I finished 19 quilts and Christmas for family.  It was a wonderful sensation to know that my hard work was paying off and that Mama Jean's seemed to be on the road to success.  I of course worried what Jan would look like but not until after the holidays. 
Jan started with a bang and I am rocking the house with quilts galore.  I am really enjoying the quilts I am making.  I dreamed of making a couples quilt from Day of the Dead images and Sharon in Australia is giving me the opportunity to do just that and might I say, this quilt is HOT!  Love it and can't wait to send it off just in time for the wedding. 

A swirl skull quilt went out for a late yule gift and they loved it, I have a Dead Marilyn waiting to be quilted, check back for photos, she's a hottie and then another Deadly dating and a Carbolick Acid Quilt to round out the orders.  I have several new and beautiful art pieces I can't wait to create. 

I feel like Mama Jean's is on her way and as I start working with a local organization about really creating my business and taking classes on finances and business I feel like a business owner. Well, maybe not yet but I'm on my way.  For now, I will keep creating and sewing and dreaming of the world I would like to be a part of.

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