Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March Madness

So, lets say your friends tell you that in a year or so you will be sewing for a living and making quilts featuring Day of the Dead, skeletons, spiders, custom art and pagan stars you might have said "are you nuts?"  But as I reflect back over the past two years and the journey I've been on to get to this point right now today, I realize that that is exactly how I am making a living.  Am I surprise, yea a bit. I always thought when I started out on this journey I would be sewing dresses for women of real sizes and shirts for men of real sizes this was quickly converted to really, a Day of the Dead quilt, brilliant can I have one too.  So the dresses and shirts sort of took a back seat and the quilts took over my life.  I am covered, literally in fabrics with smiling, laughing, dancing skeletons all about and let's face it.. they make me happy.  I can't help but smile when I see them, I love let me rephrase I LOVE working in bright happy colors and the feeling of taking another quilt off my quilt frame well I'm not going to say it beats a good cup of coffee and a piece of great chocolate but hey, there needs to be a few sacred things left in the world, but truly it's incredible.  I adore seeing them come out of the dryer covered in the magic of quilting I just can't help but give each and everyone a big hug. The warmth of the dryer lingers in the quilt and I give a little thanks to the person who order it for making my dreams come true.  So, for all those who say dreams don't really come true, maybe just maybe it's right there a bit different then you thought you saw but there still the same just waiting for you to embrace it and dance away into the sunset. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Location for Mama Jean's to be Found

It's such fun to be asked to participate in a new store. I new gift shop in Depot Bay called Gifted will be carrying some of my creations and it's exciting.  I love the idea that I am finally out if only in a few places, it's still fun.  A sweet shop on Hawthorne called Mag Biggs has baby booties and a new shop in the St. John's area called Collect Craft has a quilt on display. 

Each year, I create a magical goal sheet of things I would like to accomplish for Mama Jean's and it's so incredible when I can look up and already see one of my goals checked off.  I wrote that I wanted to be in at least two new stores before the end of the year and it's March and I am.  Dreaming now of even more. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Green and Blue Sugar Skull with Butterfly Details - $45.00

A fantastically fun wall hanging celebrating Day of the Dead with the lovely Blue and Green Sugar Skull with special butterfly details . This is a custom printed fabric that has been quilted to feature each detail of the design using multi-colored thread. It measure 12 by 18 and is ready to hang.

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Everythings Coming Up Sugar Skulls

Maybe it's spring fever but I have been wanting to create new sugar skull wall hangings because every time I see them I love the colors that are exploding on them and I just want to get lost in them.  So yesterday and today has been flooded with color.  I have so enjoyed working with the.  The orange one  made me smile just quilting it, and today the blue and green one with pretty butterflies made me thing of all the beautiful fairies from festival and how I can't wait to go again this year.  The last one I worked on was white with roses and it reminded me of the upcoming Rose festival, a very big deal here in Portland and then I think of the Recycle Fair that I am part of that also happens in June.  Yup, spring is about dreaming and hoping for a new and bright day ahead and today, I was able to escape the down pouring rain if only for a few hours to dream of sunny days and flowers and fairies and fun.  Who could ask for anything more. 

Orange Sugar Skull Wall Hanging

A new wall hanging for those who love Sugar Skulls is now available.  I have several new skulls to finish up this week and can't wait to start working on them, so it was great fun finishing up this one tonight. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hi Mama Jean

Wonderful news! The quilt arrived safe and sound yesterday and it is AMAZING!! I am soooooo happy with it! My mum was with me when it arrived and she cried she thought it was so great!

I am serious when I say that Bec is lucky I had it embroidered as I would be keeping it for myself otherwise!

Thank you again for the most amazing job, you really are a quilt-making genius! I promise to send you through some photos of the wedding and Bec and Andy with the quilt after the 31st March!

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!

xx Sharon

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