Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Location for Mama Jean's to be Found

It's such fun to be asked to participate in a new store. I new gift shop in Depot Bay called Gifted will be carrying some of my creations and it's exciting.  I love the idea that I am finally out if only in a few places, it's still fun.  A sweet shop on Hawthorne called Mag Biggs has baby booties and a new shop in the St. John's area called Collect Craft has a quilt on display. 

Each year, I create a magical goal sheet of things I would like to accomplish for Mama Jean's and it's so incredible when I can look up and already see one of my goals checked off.  I wrote that I wanted to be in at least two new stores before the end of the year and it's March and I am.  Dreaming now of even more. 

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