Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Day of Rest

Daylight savings time always feels a bit out of sorts for me.  I know it's all an allusion but still losing that hour, where does it go?  I am trying to learn balance between working and resting.  Working from home it' s easy to pop on the computer and work on a needful project or check and see what's happening on your site but then your mind begins to think of other things you haven't finished or started and you start to get pulled into your studio and before you know it you've worked through the day and the evening takes over.  Now don't get me wrong, working for yourself there are plenty of nights your work but just the idea of giving yourself permission to rest and take a day off is tough.  I want to find the balance.  I want to feel it's ok to laze away a Sunday morning, so this morning even though I am writing I am going to put my computer down, walk away and spend the day with my daughter, strolling through an open market looking at treasures and having fun building memories with her,  Maybe I will see a treasure I must have for Mama Jean's but that will not be the reason I am there, the reason will be to enjoy the beauty I find in the smile of my daughters face.

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