Thursday, March 3, 2011

Creating Dreams

To create something from a dream isn't easy.  It's amazing how much work it really takes.  You first have to have the courage to believe and then to begin to create you must find ways to navigate your fears and doubts and the lies you tell yourself before you can even begin to find a glimmer of a path.  Dreams don't just happen overnight, no pun intended,  they begin to become real when you first catch a peek at the possibility.  Creating Mama Jean's has been a dream brewing for several years.  A spark here, a spark there and I began to wonder if it was really possible.  Having someone who believes in my dream as much, or maybe even more than I have or could has been a gift and not one I  take for granted.  It's allowed me to take the time to reflect and begin the process of dreaming in the light of day.
So what do I want Mama Jeans Kind Threads to be?  Ah, that is the question.... I want it to be fun for me and for those who are in my life, it should be full of passion for what I am doing and reflect that passion as well.  It should be bright and colorful and full of life and love and joy.  So often we allow life to be less and I no longer want to live with less.  I want the people who purchase something from me to  enjoy it and sing it's praise because it brings them joy wearing it or owning it.  I want to be successful from a soul position and I want to be profitable as well.  I want to know that around town Mama Jean's Kind Threads can be found in small shops that support artist who are working to support their families and support a different life style.  For this to happen I must find my courage to approach the owners and present myself and the products that I create. 

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