Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Quilts Created From Magic

Starting a new project is always so exciting.  To lay out the new fabrics and see them all start to play together on the table is amazing.  But truth be told, the process started long before then.  I think it's the same for many creative hearts.  Some of us aren't the type that follow outlines and rules and have date books, in fact, I can't tell you how many calendars and organizers I've tried over the years and before you know it, I can't remember where it is or that I even owned it.  It's not that I'm un-organized it's just not recognized by most people, the creative style that I have and many of my friends that are artist have as well.  That's where I found a bit of piece about it, in the arms of others who create and also can't find their calendars or organizers and work to the deadline not the time line.  We all tend to work odd hours often late into the night, in fact I somethings think it's the most creative time for me. When the noises from the world have quieted down, and you can almost hear the whispering sounds the universe makes.  The hours between 2 and 6 are like magic.   As I've gotten older, I will admit that it's harder to find myself in those hours working away, but every now and then you might hear the hum of my sewing machine if you are listening to the whispers too.  So, to all who might not know the exact day it is or hour for that matter but has their heart buried into a project, I support you and will send you nothing but good vibes and some evening when it's late and your eyes are burning stop and take a breath and listen to the whispers. 

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