Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Have you ever gotten a heart?  You know that big red round beautiful heart that says I love you?  It might have been just this past Valentines or maybe you remember when you were a kid and you got a whole envelope of them from all your friends on Valentines day.  Maybe you've gotten one on an anniversary from your lover or mate, no matter how or when, you love um.  You can't help but love um.  They make you smile and feel warm and fuzzy.  Well, on Etsy you can get hearts too.  It's amazing to come home from an afternoon of fighting traffic, because I was driving a car and not riding my bike, and everywhere you want to go there is construction of some sort and it just about made you go crazy.  Then, you come home, check your email or your Etsy account and find you have a heart or two from someone you've never even met.  They love you quilt or your sewphie or maybe they love the whole shop, zowie... what a rush.  Ask anyone who has an Etsy shop and they will say the same, or they are lying.  It's an incredible part of being in business for yourself to see people who love what you do.. and they get to tell you by checking the favorite button which sends the shop a heart.  how many jobs have you ever had that gave you hearts on a daily basis?  Yea, I thought so.  Well this is the best job ever and I recommend it to all my friends... So, to all who have taken the time to check out my shop and send me a heart, thank you from the bottom of mine.

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