Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bits and Pieces Full of Smiles and Memories

 For the past two weeks, Day of the Dead skeletons dancing and celebrating, along with a rainbow of vibrant colors has been living on my design table and in my heart. The quilt I just finished was special for lots of reasons, but mostly, because the customer had a dream of a quilt and had been collecting fabrics for years waiting for the perfect moment for it to come to life.  So, I've cut, stitched and created a beautiful quilt out of them that I hope she enjoys and comes to treasure. I know for me personally,  each block was special and each section completed made a memory for me to cherish.  I hope that as the new owner opens her quilt and as she begins to look over it her memories return of finding each fabric and she begins to smile and fall in love with her own blocks and sections of the quilt and then finally the whole quilt. 

So, for now it's time to put all the fabric away folded and sorted.  I see a bit here and a bit there as I zip up the clear bag and a smile comes across my face as I dream of skeletons dancing on my design table again.  

1 comment:

  1. Even without the skeletons it's a beautiful design.