Saturday, March 19, 2011

Organic Quilting

  The process I love most in creating quilts, is what I have come to call, organic quilting.  No, it doesn't mean that I have gone over the deep end.  Some may question that but it means I love to start with an idea; we'll call that the garden plots.  Now I need to make sure that everything is ready toil and I till over ideas in my head I see colors playing with each other, are they playing nice or should I save some for next time.  Then, I usually have a theme or color to start with; Day of the Dead on of my favorites is my current organic quilt.  I have beautiful seeds, pieces of fabrics all reflecting images of skeletons dancing and celebrating, this will be a happy garden.  Then I collect other seeds to work with, fabrics of colors to compliment the original fabrics I started with.  The garden bed is ready to begin, but where to start.  Some grow from top the to the bottom, others grow visa versa.  My latest, started in the middle and worked its' way outward.   
I love to take a block I have created from fussy cutting out images from the original fabrics and begin to build around it.  
 Strips, blocks prints all start to find their way around each block and the blocks start to come together, then I start to frame groups and before I know it, the top of a quilt is laying on the bed finished.  I revel in its colors and beauty and that one area that catches my eye for a moment and I linger remembering the steps to create.  The times I took it apart because the colors weren't right or the strips around it were too big or small. Then my eye finds another and another.  It's such a part of me at that moment, I have spent hours creating and designing and with those hours have thought of the new owner of the quilt through out, sending good wishes and blessings for happiness and joy in their life.  That maybe the magic that is woven through out the blocks and is found hiding in the stitches that weave all around would spill into their world. That maybe when they look at this quilt they smile and are happy and that they feel the love and good wishes all around them.  What more could a gardener want than for others to revel in their garden?


  1. Not only are you a designer and a seamstress, but also a writer.

  2. love your process....what a work of art!!!!!

  3. Organic quilting, very interesting. I like it!

  4. Wow very beautiful!