Thursday, April 28, 2011

Morning Thoughts

Some mornings it's not easy getting started.  You know how it is, the chickens need to be cleaned out, the seeds you bought for that garden need to be started, the dogs really do need a bath and weren't you going to purge your stash closet or at least make a better path through it.   But somehow that third cup of coffee just seems to be calling your name.  It's fun to watch spring find its way into the world one blossom at a time.  The apricot tree blooms first of the fruit trees in the yard.  Bold and strong hoping to miss the last frost of winter that can sneak in.  Then the plum tress begins covered in big buds just waiting to explode on the scene on every branch from top to bottom.  So much so, that when the wind blows it's a rain shower of petals.  Then I noticed that the blueberries have quietly blossomed without any fanfare what so ever.  Now, the apple tree has a bit of pink here and there just under cover for now but soon of so soon it to will be covered in blossoms.  So, like spring, a quilt comes together one fabric at a time.  One piece is bold and brave and shows its self first, and then you find others that just explode all around it.  A nice quite one to help fill in a bit here and there and then the final fabric finds it's way to the surface and it seems to bring the whole quilt together.. a garden of fabric makes for a very pretty quilt, yes indeed. 

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