Thursday, April 21, 2011

Endless Day

Sometimes when you are creating day in and day out they all sort of run together... Was it yesterday or the day before that I was working on that last project.  Today was all about stock building for upcoming recycling fairs that I will be participating in soon.  I needed to create stock not only for them but also to replace stock that has been sold or shipped out to other studios from Trillium.  So, today was all about the booties.. Making felted booties out of old blanket ends is a sort of mindless task.  Simple construction and repetitive seams first the heal, then the sides.   Punch holes for the grommets and then putting in the grommets and adding the shoe strings and the tag and done.  Even though I have been making them all day I keep thinking about the one baby that will wear the one pair I have in my hands.  Will it be a boy or a girl?  What color hair will they have?  Will the shoes be a gift someone gave them or something that the parents bought because they love the thought of handmade items for their baby?  I love thinking about this, about the lifestyle that supports making and selling handmade items and the people who enjoy and desire them in their lives.  In the age of box stores it's glorious to think that more and more people are getting tired of the same old thing and coming back to handmade.  The other night, we went out to ice cream to a small shop created by two sisters who love to make ice cream.  We had this amazing ice cream sandwich and loved being there, in their small shop supporting two young girls working on making a small place for themselves in this great big world. 
Me too.  One quilt or dress at a time.  I want to know at the end of the day that I am working on a small space to call my own.  Where people that have something I've made for them remember the lovely lady who laughed and connected with them at the fair, or the fun looking woman in the picture from the web who made a special item just for them.  As if, we are almost friends.  We write emails back and forth and the story is told and hopefully one day, my own children will look back and say, remember when Mom followed her dream and created Mama Jean's... and we all thought she was crazy and it wouldn't really work and yet look how happy she is.  Then I can look back and see that my children weren't afraid to follow their dreams too and maybe just maybe it was because one day I spent sewing baby booties all day from morning till dust and thought of the babies and families who's life's will be touched by Mama Jean

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