Sunday, April 24, 2011


Today was Easter.  It was one of those holidays I always enjoyed with the kids.  There was something wonderful about surprising them with their Easter baskets.  Each needing to be similar and yet different. I remember when they were small it was about candy and toys and as they got older it was about candy and things like fingernail polish or gameboy games.  One by one they grow and move on and start creating their own life's.  They fill their days with friends and events that you know nothing of.  You do the same and time goes rushing by.  Then one morning you wake up and remember the sounds of the squeals of happy children as they found their pretty baskets full of special treats and your heart strings are pulled tight and you smile as a small tear finds it's way down your cheek.  Life is full of moments we may forget and some we wish we could but never can. But if you're lucky, it's also full of moments you will remember with fondness.  Today was one of mine. 
I remember how I use to love my own pretty Easter baskets my mother put lovingly together. Or, when I was older and I'd call my folks and we would laugh and remember all the eggs so cracked from the hours of hide and seek and the one lost egg we found weeks later in the most amazing places.  The first Easter baskets I made for my own sweet babes and the same amazing days of hiding eggs hour after hour and that one egg that we just couldn't find.  I remember too, the first year I couldn't call my folks and laugh about the bygone days.  I thought of my children and the amazing adults they have each grown into and how proud I am of them.   I think,  how amazing it will feel to hear the laughter of my own children as they share the stories of their children hiding cracked eggs until there is nothing left or even the one they can't find.  We'll laugh and share memories of days gone by and as I hang up the phone a smile will cross my face and a tear will fall as the sound of memories fill my heart. 

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