Friday, April 8, 2011

A New Project Begins

Is it just me, or can I find a hundred things to do before I start a new project?  I sometimes wonder at the things I can come up with that I haven't done in a month of Sunday’s or even longer.  Today, I cleaned the oven.  Really, the oven?  I hardly use the darn thing anymore and there I was up to my elbows in grease and soap.  After that was finished I had to dash out to find a big box for a special shipment and then of course I was close to the grocery store so I should stop and not waste the trip .... you see what I mean.

When I finally started the project and made the first cut the day fell away and I was lost in the colors and patterns that started to emerge.  I began to see the center of the quilt come into it's own and it was beautiful.  I knew immediately what the next steps would be and can't wait to start adding them on tomorrow morning.  Now that it's started I won't care that the fridge needs cleaning and the front flowerbeds are really screaming to be cleaned out as the sun continues to make daily appearances.   I'll grab that second or third cup of coffee (who's counting) and surround myself with the magic of this new project.  I'll hear the hum of the sewing machine as I build block after block and think of the sweet young girl in Texas whose mother has been saving for her to have her first handmade quilt.  She's been collecting for years and now wants to pass on her love of quilts to her daughter.  So, from one mother to another I hope to fill this quilt with wishes and dreams and magic in every corner for her daughter to discover and enjoy for a lifetime.  That when years have past, and one or two edges have frayed a bit and you can see the stuffing found inside, she will smile and remember her mother and the love they shared.  I do so love a new project.

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