Monday, April 18, 2011

Working Piles

I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but it seems I work best with piles all around me. I clean my studio vowing to myself,  I shall keep it clean and before the day is over the tables have bits and pieces of this and that and the bed has fabric and scraps all over it.  The trim drawer is out on top of a jumper I need to finish and at least two quilts and their parts are scattered about.  I have at least three coffee cups sitting around and one quilt magazine I want to look at.  The floor is littered with thread ends and bits of little fabric scraps that seem to have missed the waste basket.  Then I wonder, should I keep it for a quilt made out of tiny parts someday?  I quickly come to my senses and throw it away for the stash of fabric I have for making big things is large enough to keep me busy for the rest of the year. Ah, but stashes wouldn't be stashes if you weren't always adding to them.  I mean when you see a retro kitchen fabric and you like to make aprons out of retro patterns, what's a girl to do?  So, maybe piles is my filing system. I mean I always know where everything is and I can get to it easy enough.  It might not fit into a filing cabinet anyway.  So for today I have a pile for Maria, one for Pam and one for Rebecca sitting on the table.  I have that cute retro fabric that came in today and the one from yesterday.  I like to look at each and think of the next step or some fun idea to add to a pile like that cute little rick rack I got the other day and how it just matches the retro kitchen fabric and maybe I should just add it to the pile.  I smile, grab the coffee cups and tell myself, tomorrow  I should clean up the studio and get organized.

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