Sunday, April 3, 2011

One Down, Four Hundred More to Go

This morning, I awoke to find I had reached a personal goal.  100 hearts in my Etsy shop.  It doesn't mean 100 sales, though I might wish for that next. Nor does it mean I'm off to Paris because I won the lottery.  It just means that at least 100 people have looked at my work and enjoyed it.  Some have purchased, some have left sweet notes and words of encouragement.  Others have just left their heart, but it's touched me nonetheless.  I am so enjoying working on creating Mama Jean's Kind Thread and each day I feel a bit closer to a spot out on the horizon.  I still haven't a crystal clear point of where I would like to go, just an overall direction.
Working for hours in a day in a very pink room has a way of making you feel happy.  You just can't be sad when you see the sun poking through the windows and the room is filled with a bit of a pink glow.  The worries of the day just sort of drift away and I am reminded of all the good in my life.  Not a bad way to spend a day I'd say.  Sort of like looking though life with rose colored glasses.  Truly a lovely expression don't you think?     So, this afternoon as I sit watching the light play on the walls in my studio, I shall smile, look about and begin a new project... after all the horizon is just over there.

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