Monday, May 2, 2011

New Week, New Challenges

Another week begins, as the sun comes up on a Monday morning.  Had a fantastic weekend with my son who came to town on a whirlwind visit.  I see him coming and going out the door as he has places to go and people to see and in between he stops for a few and we catch up on all the latest.  Life has a way of flying by us if we're not careful.  We need to take those precious moments when we have them and be totally present because those moments will slip by so fast and you'll wonder where they went.  
Last week I was so excited to win the contest in Goofingoff's blog contest.  I was so grateful to all my friends and friends of friends that took the time to vote for me, it made me feel so special.  To know that they cared enough about me and what I am trying to do to help me out. I was so honored to be chosen in her weekly picks and today I answered the questions that she asked and it was so wonderful to be able to reflect on this journey and realize that it really started back in the day when my Mom took the time to create moments for me.  To help me learn how to sew.  I wanted to so bad.  She knew she could sew but wasn't sure she could teach us how to so she joined up as a 4 H leader and followed all the manuals and programs and gave us an incredible opportunity to not only learn how to sew but knit and cook and be a part of a group.  We made lots of bad food, tore out more seams than you can imagine and created memories that still make me smile today. Yep, she was one incredible woman and I miss her everyday. 
So thanks Goofingoff for bring lots of smiles to my face today as I answered your questions  and for having an opportunity to honor my Mother and the love and devotion she gave to me... because each creation I make from dress to quilt, has a little of her magic in it as well...

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