Sunday, May 22, 2011

Art verses Function

Recently, one of my quilts was picked to be a part of a pop up store in the Museum of Contemporary Craft and I had the privilege of seeing it there with all the other artist and creators that were also chosen and I have to admit, it looked amazing.  They had hung it up on the wall as more of an art piece instead of the baby quilt it was created to be.  It was lovely to look upon and it made me appreciate this rare opportunity to see my work in such a way.  So often we create and I love the process but I am always thinking about it being a quilt, not art and suddenly I saw my work as not only functional but artful as well and it was pleasing to my soul. 
I love to think that my work could be considered art because for years I was basically told that though I was creative it was really just crafty, not real art. So, crafty was a good thing to be but I never really saw my craft as art.  I have enjoyed the transition in my thinking over the past year.  I love creating quilts and clothing for others.  I love to see the colors in my head come out and explode in a quilt.  I enjoy the process almost more than the end result, almost.  In the end to see my quilts laying out on a bed or table to see the final project and feel that sense of pride and joy that comes over me can't be minimized by my past.  I create for the love of it and the beauty and it's art, but it's art people can use and enjoy and wrap themselves in.  It's art that lives with us and becomes part of our everyday life.  It's art for the body and soul. 
So, for this month I will pass the window of the gallery and enjoy seeing my little baby quilt hanging up for all to see and enjoy, knowing that in the end it will find it's way into the life of someone and they will wrap themselves in my art.


  1. Your little birdie pincushion is my favorite so far on the SMS giveaway. I bookmarked your blog to linger over tonight.
    I agree with your transitional thinking from doodling to making ART.
    We lock ourselves in and only we have the key.
    I'll be back.