Friday, May 20, 2011

Spring is in the Air

Gosh, it's been a bit of time since I last wrote but hey Spring is all around us and the sun and flowers keep calling my name.  I love this time of year.  I love to see everything in the garden start to come alive again and see the early flowers and feel the warmth of the sun at least when it shows up around here.  It's also my favorite time to weed because lets face it, they are so easy to pull up and take care of.  Summer weeding is a bit harder and you all know it.    I keep trying to have a veggie garden but lets face it, I'm not all that crazy about weeding and taking care of the plants all the time.. just being honest. I enjoy watching them grow if they sort of take care of themselves like raspberries, and the fruit trees.  The plum was covered in blossoms this year and the apple seems to be following suit.  The poor apricot has had a few hard years but maybe this will be the year I can finally get her back to health, she's had a bit of a fungus problem but the new leaves seem to be clear of it.  I love the strawberries that seem to be filling in all around under the fruit trees blueberry bushes doubled in size this year and finally the strawberries are filling in around the fruit trees.  Yep, fruit and I seem to get along well.  Veggies, welllllll let's just say it's complicated.  We have very little sun spots, remember all the fruit trees, we have also got a load of other big trees that seem to shade the rest of the yard so the few square feet of sun spots have to work hard.  I have planted two tomatoes, two cucumbers, lettuce and a cilantro with the hopes that it will go crazy and I can make fresh salsa with tomatoes from the farmers market at least. I am very realistic when it comes to gardening.
Funny how we seem to find our thing and maybe other things just don't seem to get the attention they should.  I would rather be in my sewing studio sewing on anything other than weeding and cutting grass and the likes.  Don't get me wrong, love to be in the yard just wish it would take care of it's self more.  I start digging and instead of dreaming of the cucumbers I will have this summer I think about what would it look like to build a veggie quilt and would anyone really want one?  Seems like there's lots of food fabric out there and I'm never sure why really so there must be a market.  Then I think about how cool would it be to go to Mexico and find a big fabric store, would they carry lots of Day of the Dead fabrics as the sun beats down on my back and I try and pull the weeds.  Or, how fun would that be to plan a vacation around finding fabric stores in other countries.  Some say it's a bit warped and twisted, I just say it's a fabricholic's dream come true.  So, you garden your way, and I'll garden my way and hey, the farmers market opens soon and they seem to really know how to do it!

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