Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wedding Dress Blues

I love sewing, always have and hope always will but sometimes I have a problem telling people no when they ask me to help them with a project or other sewing related issues.  Let's back up a bit. I am in the middle of making a non traditional wedding dress for someone I know and it's been a very complicated project.  It started out a mess and I am trying to find the pieces that will make it work.  I don't have a pattern just a little drawing of what she hopes it will look like sort of.
I love making quilts. Quilts are those beautiful creations that play in my head until I find the colors and fabrics I want to use, or they are lying in a pile of fabrics on my table screaming at me to hurry up.  I have an old wardrobe full of this and that all waiting to be created and like all good seamstresses, I can always find a fat quarter here or there to add to the hope it's me next pile.
Sewing clothing for myself love it got to have more of it.  I only wear what I make and I only make what I love.  Sewing clothing for others hum, well, if it's something I have created and designed love it.  Enjoy seeing others love it too.  I have friends that I sew for all the time.. she loves skirts and bloomers and I make him all of his shirts and they are fun and just a part of what I make.
So, why is this one dress so much more complicated... bottom line I think, maybe this is a bit out of realm.  I don't make wedding dresses with all the satin and frills and shears and it's a bit intimidating.  I like cotton, I know what cotton likes to do.  I haven't make anything like this is a very long time a very long time and it was theater so you have a lot of wiggle room to not have to have it perfect but a wedding dress?  So many emotions are tied up in it.  So many expectations and dreams and it's suppose to be perfect and well, perfect just isn't in my box of skills. 
So, today as I start my day and know that I will be walking into my pretty pink studio all I will see is blue sparkling  sheer organza and satin and an invisible zipper waiting to disappear, and here comes the bride today, please make it perfect.   But, out of the corner of my eye I will linger on a quilt top that is almost finished and a box of fabric waiting, waiting for the magic to begin....

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