Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Daze

Wow, it seems a whirlwind of activity over the past month. I've been out every weekend working a fair or festival and it's been amazing. The energy that has gone into being open to what may come has been incredible. The fairs have been so rewarding hearing people comment on my work and enjoy it enough to purchase it, wow.
This past year has flown by. Creating Mama Jean's over the past year, has been a soul journey to be sure. Can you really make dreams come true? This year has proven to me that you can. I took a love and a passion and was able to translate that into a business plan. I wanted to create one of a kind items, I have. I wanted to create magic in my life, success. I wanted to have fun and laugh and enjoy each and every day and I can honestly say, I can't believe it's been a year because it feels like just yesterday and the thrill of each day fills me to bliss. Amazing.
This past weekend working in the park, sitting in the sun and meeting people and putting my art and craft out there was incredible... I felt like Mama Jean. So, tonight, as I prepare to participate in last Thursday, an art walk that three years ago Brad and I said wouldn't it be cool to be a part of this someday? I am ready. I am Mama Jean of Mama Jean's Kind Threads and you can find me on Alberta last Thursday, and you will find me laughing and smiling... hope to see you all on the other side of dreams.