Sunday, July 10, 2011

Quilts Quilts Quilts or Maybe Just Maybe....

It's amazing how things change around you if you just open up to the possibilities.... When I started thinking about Mama Jean's years ago it was to create clothing for others. Let me correct for people of size. Otherwise, real people not the size 0 crowd. I was also sure how many aspects of sewing clothes I don't like when sewing for others.

I don't enjoy tailoring of any kind. I don't enjoy all the little steps creating important details to make a suit look like a suit. I don't in general enjoy working with the fabrics that come with tailoring. So I didn't want to do that at all. Then, I don't really enjoy the idea of making some patten that I don't like. Not that there is anything wrong with a pattern, but if I don't like it to begin with I don't want to make it. There are so many fabrics associated with making clothing that I don't like working with. Also, creating for other what they think they want isn't as easy as it sounds. So, it's funny now thinking about all the things I don't like about it that I ever thought I would be happy just doing that.

So, my energies have been pulling and pushing toward quilting. Working with colors and fabrics I adore and love. Creating from the heart and filling me with joy. Big ones. little ones, special custom design ones, doesn't matter. I can spend 12 hours a day sitting at my machine and not realize how late it is if the quilt is calling my name... and so quilting has become a focus and a passion. I love getting custom orders from people. A quilt for a teenager going off to college. A loved one getting married or a birthday gift. Or maybe a dream someone has about a quilt they want and have been collecting fabrics for. Quilting makes my heart sing and I love the tune.

I have been creating clothing for friends for years and love making them things because I adore and love them but also I am creating things I have designed so I never really looked at it as sewing clothing for others.

But recently I got to make a dress for Nina and it was great. I didn't think about all the things I didn't like at all. She like the style of my panel dresses and wanted one. She picked the fabric and I helped with the details. I left the fabric store with a lovely stack of fabric and was free to create. It turned out perfect for her, and I realize that maybe I have room for both. That I need to be open. To see what the universe might have in store for me. Maybe I haven't even begun to scratch the surface of where I am going and I am as they say, at the top of the iceberg and everyone knows that 90% of an iceberg can't even be seen.
Maybe just matter, the journey is incredible and I love the view.

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