Saturday, July 16, 2011

Seeing Cinderella through Rose Colored Glasses

Seems when you have a dream come true you have to remember it's not all walking on clouds or seeing everything through rose colored glasses. Those soft glowing edges that make everything seem dreamy and surreal fade and the sharp edges of reality start to appear.

Now don't get me wrong. Do I love walking into my pretty pink studio with my cup of coffee in hand and seeing my sewing machines sitting ready in anticipation, (yes I have more than one, and your point? Doesn't a mechanic have more than one wrench?) hell yes. I mean, this is my dream but the edges are very clear now.

I learned I needed to add extra light to work by because the soft edges were killing my eyes and I needed to add a bit of padding to my chair because sitting for hours in one spot can really take it's toll on the back side. I tried a back rest thing, but that didn't help at all. I don't have any little house mice or fairies to come in at night and clean up the mess from the day before, so I do have to sweep up the scraps and bits of thread or my chair doesn't roll from cutting table to sewing machine and back to ironing board. If I don't stay a bit organize I am spending way to much time looking for a bit of fabric I had the day before which took a week to get here in the first place, and it should be here somewhere for heaven sakes. Maybe I do have fairies or mice that just like to play games with me instead.

In all my dreams of starting Mama Jean's I don't think I ever saw the need for a work schedule to make sure that I can get orders done in a timely manner. I mean schedules and flow charts come on, that's for those who work 8 to 5 somewhere else. Not in dreams. In dreams things appear magically all created and perfect. Shipping must be done via the fireplace or transporter or maybe even sewing storks that deliver on your doorstep. Fabrics never have to be purchased or ordered or waited upon, and all the cutting and prepping to get it ready to sew is all done for you. Come to think of it, dream mice must be very busy.

Scheduling time to eat, over rated. Doing laundry or changing the sheets, are you kidding we're in a dream. Dreams don't have dusty edges or toilets that need cleaning. Dogs aren't even in the picture so time to walk them never needs to be considered and weeding the garden or cleaning up the wood pile, isn't this were Cinderella comes in?

Ok ok, so a schedule of sorts isn't so bad. I mean I have a work schedule to finish orders for quilts so I must be doing something right or I wouldn't even have need of one. I have fabrics that have been ordered and are waiting for the quilt that they will be going into and I even have a beautiful handmade broom to make sweeping up the studio a joy and a bit magical. Raspberries are in the freezer from our own bushes, tomatoes are on the vine and even though I haven't figured out all the details of the cleaning and the dusting, all in all, things seem to be working out.

Now, I dream of two new sewing machines...(smile) tools of the trade. I long for a longarm quilting machine to put on my quilting frame instead of lugging my machine up and down the stairs each time and I long for a new fancy stitch machine for those little extras...and maybe a better chair too that doesn't require extra pillows..hum

So yes, the edges are a lot sharper and the world a bit messy, but the dream lives on and this Cinderella will keep on singing and sweeping and cleaning, after all fairy tales are just reality through rose colored glasses.


  1. Glad you are enjoying your dream, Jean. YOU deserve it. AND if you can make money during a recession, just think how GREAT you'll do when the economy picks up.
    My dream has a LOT less pressure, since I am retired and that investment $$$ helps to sustain me ;-). I DO have time to weed (LOVE my yard & garden) and clean the toilets (swish & swipe EVERY day and I never have to DEEP clean--just learned that after 40 yrs. of marriage) and cook my favorite things from scratch and exercise everyday and travel throughout the world . . .
    I am VERY blessed also and living my retirement dream. Jan Rose

  2. Don't let that four-letter word invade your dream.
    I discovered your blog via Sewmamasew and I keep coming back to profound thoughts.
    Thank you.