Saturday, July 30, 2011

Time Keeps on Ticking

Wow, it's been a while since last I wrote a few thoughts from out of my head and into my computer, still not sure how this really works but it's cool and I won't question the magic.
I've been busy sewing and quilting orders and clothes and jumpers and oh my I really have made it to the Emerald City and this is a horse of a different color. My days once full of I wonder what it will be like to sew all day has gone to having orders to fill and I am sewing like mad. I've even found that I am starting to love my new quilt frame.
When I first started using it nothing went right. The frame was to close to the wall, the sewing machine wasn't sitting in the tray right, the tension was off even though I had just checked it before I got the whole thing together. Getting the back lined up and rolled and the batting and the top oh it was a long process and not a pretty picture. Cruise control for a sewing machine, are you kidding? Fast slow start stop tear out tear apart tear my hair out...

But now, now it's not so bad. It's away from the wall so I'm not bumping into it when I am trying to follow a pattern, the tension can be tricky but I seem to be smoothing it out and loading the back and batting then top, piece of cake now. Am I doing lots of fancy patterns with lots of swirls and feathers are you kidding? I've just figured out how to stipple in strips of 8 inches verse from the center out and around. I've learned to love the cruise control after all who doesn't like a little luxury now and then?
What I've learned is it's a process of learning new things all the time. Not being afraid to get it wrong so you can figure out how to get it right or maybe even a bit closer to right at least. I now not only have a workflow for orders I have one with goals on it for new things I want to try and learn. I really want to learn how to make those beautiful feather designs on a quilt frame, Miter corners not only on binding but also through out a quilt. How to use embroidery thread to quilt with and maybe even some hand quilting but I'm not really worried about that one to much Sewing machines are pretty handy if you ask me...

I just want to keep open to the possibilities and the process. It wouldn't hurt if I could figure out the tension thing a little faster sometimes but for now I'll deal with the tweaking and keep a smile on my face, a pen in my hand for new ideas and things to do, and my sewing machine oiled and ready to start the next adventure. To Infinity and Beyond.

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