Friday, June 3, 2011

Appreciation of Organic Quilting

When I first started quilting, I started with strip quilting because my friend knew that I didn't like to cut exact and make squares all day. I have come to appreciate her wisdom more than she will ever know. Since then, I've built all sorts of quilts following all sorts of patterns and I always come back to my organic quilting. Not because it's easier, but because it suits me and feeds my soul. Cutting out images from lots of different fabrics and having them all ready to put together isn't like cutting out a patterned quilt where you know a is next to b and then add c,d, and e. No, it's all from the heart. Every bit. Spending time with the blocks before hand you start feeling connected to them, you find ones that speak out almost and ones that just need to be next to the other. Then the real tricky part begins... getting them to all come together. They are all different sizes and shapes and somehow they all need to find a fit, like a puzzle and I love jigsaw puzzles, always have. So, quilting like this just fits me. It lets me think outside the box, no pun intended, and I love it..

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