Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Sewing We Will Go

So, today has been all about trying to get product ready for the next fair... I love that most creative people I know seem to work to the deadline.. makes me feel not so alone in the middle of the night when I am sewing away to the hum of the sleeping universe. There is something kind of cool about that time and creating at the same time. Your focus is totally on the work and not as scattered thinking about the chickens needing fed, or the garden needing a bit of remember if the laundry is in need of going into the dryer.
After spending a long weekend away in a magical world of fairies and elves and the likes it's fun to ponder on how amazing living in a world where it's possible to find a bit of magic in really is. So, as the night begins to fall upon my world I shall put on Adam Hurst, who played on the main stage of Faerieworlds, who creates magic with his music, and one by one, create little Sewphies for the fair. A green one, a yellow one and then just for fun a few skeletons and pirate ones.
Let the magic continue, please.

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