Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Faerieworlds and Beyond

So, today we are back from the magical realm of Faerieworlds and it was amazing. We had such a wonderful time. We had friends next to us in Something Wicked, Heather and Seth, Gayle and Kat with Midnight Designs were just across the way and we made new friends in Melody and Brian with Wild Iris... we all shared and played together all weekend. The music was incredible and everyone had such positive energy even in the rain... in fact, the rain added to the magic for me because everyone just went with the flow and we all helped each other through it. I was able to create a few new pieces just for fair and they were so well received that I can't wait to start creating them for Mama Jeans. I had fabrics created with Spoonflower and can't wait to get them all worked up. I also started a new working relationship with FlowerOfTheDead an amazing artist on Etsy. He does the most amazing Day of the Dead couples and images I can't wait to start working in fabric. So, I've spent the day cleaning and putting the camping gear away and doing the laundry answering emails and getting back in the grove because I have another event this weekend... zowie it's the life for me.

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