Friday, February 17, 2012

Wedding Dream Quilt

In life we often speak of dreams.  Dream big, dream of the life you want to see, dream of a world with out hate.  Or the opposite dreams that didn't come true or shattered dreams. Dreams have messages, dreams have power, and dreams can be quiet goals we hold in our heart or ones we shout to the whole world.  Dreams can be a form of escape or what we wish we could escape from. 

For me, dreams are full of magic and possibility.  Dreams can come at night and we are transported to a different reality than we may know in our waking hours.  My whole life I've had a reoccurring dream of floating.  I take a step off the top of a tall staircase and instead of touching the first step I float down to the base with ease or I start to jump up and each jump I go higher and higher until I can float at a very tall ceiling height.  Some dreams interpretation would say it means I am satisfied and happy in life and light hearted others would say it means you are a drift and need direction.  I believe in the yang and yang of life that it’s probable a bit of both. 

 Funny how our mind works because thinking about dreams all came about because yesterday I sent a quilt off to Australia that I have been dreaming of making for over two years.  A wedding quilt featuring couples but not just any couples, Day of the Dead couples.  Not your kind of dream you say, that’s OK.  To me, that is the beauty and magic of quilting.  For everyone who’s ever dreamed of creating a double wedding ring quilt there is someone like me who has had a dream of a different sort of quilt.

Quilting is all sorts of dreams to all sorts of people.  Some love the traditional types like flying geese and log cabins. Others like the new improved styles using all the latest cutting tools and shapes. Hand quilting is the only right way for some from beginning to end, and let’s not forget those who make only kit quilts.  Art quilts created with hundreds of pieces of fabric or countless hours of stitching hold a place in some peoples hearts.  Hand dying your own fabric or using old t-shirts and creating a memory quilt is the only way for others.  Mini quilts, felted quilts, quilted wall hangings embroidery quiltingb.   What do they all have in common?  Dreaming.

To see in your head and your heart a finished quilt when you look at a pile of fabric or a bit of color is to dream.  Dreaming is the jumping off stage for any quilter and all the arguments about who is a real quilter or a wanna be are just so silly. I believe we all are just dreamers making our way in this world through quilting.  Quilting makes us smile and warms us from the inside out.  Quilting fills our world with beauty and love and maybe just maybe we can dream of a world wrapped in our quilted beauty.  

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