Thursday, February 16, 2012

Learning to be Mama Jean

So you would think that after a bit of time I would have this figured out... well I just now feel like I might have a glimmer of an idea of how to.  I discovered through the fall that when you go to festivals and you are successful. yea, that you sell out of stock and if the winter takes you by storm in orders, you don't have time for anything else.  It was an incredible holiday season of filling quilt orders ad I loved it.  What I learned is as I start this new year, to be prepared for festivals, small local shops and being able to create new items that I want to try, I have to dedicate days of my work week to creating. 

I know, seems like a no brainer but hey, it took me a bit of time OK? I am trying to dedicate two days a week to creating items that I can offer at festivals or at small shops as well as creating custom orders for people.  Quilt after quilt is fun but being able to stop and make a Sewphie or two perks up my spirit as they always make me smile for the unique spirits can't help but shine out.  I have wonderful pieces waiting for me to create and I am enjoying being able to start and finish something in a short amount of time compared to the time it takes to make a quilt from start to finish.  It also keeps the creative juices flowing.

So, this past week I made a few new potholders in a great orange jean fabric that was fun to work with and started a few Sewphies.  Finished a couple and have a few more in the almost done stage. Not having all the felts I needed it gave me the opportunity to go out to a fabric store and who doesn't love that?  I especially like visiting a local store that really has fresh and fun fabrics and seeing all the new designs and colors well let's just say I only came home with two new pieces and anyone who knows stashes, knows that's not even a drop in the bucket. 

Now, it's time to start a new quilt for a woman and I can't wait.  A queen size featuring my famous deadly dating couple.  Should be great fun to work them up and have them out into the world again. 
A beautiful wedding quilt goes into the mail today and my little Sewphies that were finished made it down to Trillium Artisans store.  All in all, not a bad way to spend a week.  Maybe I'm getting the hang of this after all.

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