Saturday, October 26, 2013

Dreaming Once Again

It seems a lifetime since last I wrote.   In a way, it has been one.  It's been over a year of working and changing and growing.  Not only in Mama Jean's but also in life.  My business is still growing and believe it or not, I still love what I do.  How amazing is that?  To have built a life that allows me freedom to create all day long, anything I can dream.
             Dreaming has changed my world.  I have dreams of how I want to grow my business and what projects I want to try and create.  I set goals for the year based upon my dreams and then, when the dream comes true I question is this real or am I still dreaming until I accidentally stitch my finger while working on a new project and I smile, for the dream has become my reality. 
I dreamed one day of my work being in a gallery, and in just a few days, that dream will come true as well.  So many people over the years have called my art “crafty” not true art. Alas, I know this to be untrue but still the lingering desire to be validated in the realm that others deem reality has lingered.  As part of a collective show, with other artist, who also long to be validated and who create from their heart feels amazing. 
I had dreams of my work being filled with magic and wonder for each person who ordered one. Either for self or as a gift for others and within each quilt I strive to weave love and wishes for a life full of blessings and memories that will be carried on through the quilt as it is passed from one family member to the next. Each wear and tear will only elevate the value of the tattered quilt in the eyes of the family thus creating the true magic.  
The amazing messages from those who have purchased a quilt have touched my heart and guide me to remain true to my mission.  To create, unique quilts, with no two ever being the same honoring the individual who has ordered it. To help build a world full of magic and joy. Where laughter is tickling at every corner as sweet dreams drift gently upon them as the slumber through the night. 
I have also found my daily life to be filled with dreams again.  Dreams of spirit and worlds unknown; yet familiar in every way. Bringing me back to a place I had almost forgotten.  One of magic and mystery.    Seeking truth through spiritual growth has touched me deeply and re-awakened the longing of seeking truth and understanding of the worlds we live within.  Of living from the heart in all we do. Of walking gently upon the earth and being touched deeply by the sweetness of life allowing an innocence of life to fill me again. To once again walk in the wonder of spirit and to see through eyes that have for to long been dim.  I am listening, I am breathing and I am hearing and the songs and stories that are coming forth rock my world at a core level.  Embracing spirit again has brought utter joy into my heart and tears of gratitude flow freely.  The work is worthy of the time and though the journey isn’t always clear the view along the way is breathtaking. 
I feel as if I am creating a quilt of life full of magic and wonder for myself again.  Stitched in love and full of secret messages and blessings in each piece I choose to add.  Spirit swirls in the patterns of the quilting and the lining is dipped in stardust and dream magic.  If I be dreaming now, may I never wake for this is the world I long to live in.  
photo by Jhada Addams

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