Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Ideas

  It's a great one in Vancouver Wa the Recycled Fair and your products have to be made using upcycled items.  For me, this means: Day of the Dead Potholders, Scrappy Quilts with lots of the leftovers from other quilts and bits and pieces of batting tucked together to make a small quilt.  I also take my little Sewphies, all scraps and the cute little booties from woolen end bits and pieces.  This year I will be adding a new item, Men's dress shirts with appliquéd skulls and Day of the Dead images on the back or sides.  It should be great fun to see all the different options and I will be using dress shirts I picked up at Goodwill as the base.  All of this, because a customer asked me to doll up a coat for her.   I found it refreshing and fun to work on and inspiring. 

Another customer asked me to help him create a wall hanging for his office.  He is a Dr. of nutrition for kids and it's a veggie face and it's been such a joy working on this silly face.  My spirits can't help but be lifted up.  It got me to thinking that I want to try and have more wall hangings for fair.  I love the detailed quilting and using all the amazing threads out there.  I also appreciate that they are smaller and easier to complete.

So, this year for fair I am trying to work smarter not harder and have fun new items for my customers.  Seems like a win win to me.

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