Thursday, September 1, 2011

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Can anyone say crunch? How does time fly by so fast that before you even know it it's September and you only have 16 days to get product ready for a Harvest Festival that when you signed up in June seemed like ages away and here it is. I have to figure out how to make something everyday to take to festival and work on standing orders. Then I begin to wonder if I need to be doing festivals when I can't seem to keep up with the orders that I have?

Now, don't get me wrong, no complaining at all just saying it's a bit tricky to figure out the details of running your own business. It's just amazing how many details there are that you never even think about when you have your Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney moment and decide to start a business. Like them you haven't got a pot to really piss in but hey, it's magic right and in the end it always works and they always had a big barn to use.

So the extra bedroom becomes the studio you get yourself some plastic drawers some tubs and a few boxes and start collecting fabrics and trinkets and you begin to look like a small shop. You start working on creating an online presence and try and keep up with all the new fandango gismos and gadgets that make you a business never forgetting that you are the whole kit and kaboodle so you best be working it out. A big drawer for all the receipts you collect, a sign for Visa and Mastercard welcomed here, and a paypal account and you are off and running. You check your wardrobe twice to make sure you can look the part when you go out to meet the public because that old dress you wear most days is for behind the scenes only. Yup it's a wild ride most days so throwing in a festival well that just adds to the fun right? Right. Bit by bit it all comes together after late nights and warmed up coffee.

But never fear, when the music swells and the curtain rises it's all there and the people cheer and the dream comes true. Now, if I just had a stage manager to clean up after me in the studio.


  1. When I was running my own business- no one told how much dusting there was to do. Nor did they talk about the extreme filing that needs to be done everyday.
    You can do it.